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Wonder Ponder, Visual Philosophy for Children, is an imprint specialising in products for fun and engaging thinking. This website provides accompanying material to our Wonder Ponder boxes, including guides for children, parents and mediators, ideas for wonderpondering and fun games and activities. It is also a platform for sharing your very own Wonder Ponder content and ideas.

Pinch Me!


Pinch Me!


Pinch Me!


What if life is just a dream? A good old story? A grand illusion, perhaps?
If you pinch yourself and it hurts, does it mean that you are not dreaming?
What do you think?

Pinch Me! is the fourth title in the Visual Philosophy for Children series by Wonder Ponder. Half-way between a book and a game, it comes in a box and invites readers aged six and over (adults too!) to think about reality, imagination and dreaming in a playful, philosophically stimulating and literarily engaging way. 

Wonder Ponder introduces readers to philosophy's big questions in a way that is fun and appealing. Engaging scenes and intriguing questions prompt reflection and discussion encouraging children to develop their own thoughts and arguments and to build a visual and conceptual map of the issue addressed in each box. 

Wonder Ponder boxes are designed to look at, read and think about by themselves or with others, in educational, play or family settings. 

Title: Pinch Me!
Author: Ellen Duthie
Illustrator: Daniela Martagón
Publisher: Wonder Ponder
Format: 17,5 x 17,5. Hardback (box)
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-84-94870903

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