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Wonder Ponder, Visual Philosophy for Children, is an imprint specialising in products for fun and engaging thinking. This website provides accompanying material to our Wonder Ponder boxes, including guides for children, parents and mediators, ideas for wonderpondering and fun games and activities. It is also a platform for sharing your very own Wonder Ponder content and ideas.

Wonder Ponder Blog

The Wonder Ponder blog includes posts on the creative processes behind our Visual Philosophy for Children material, as well as workshop experiences, guest posts on a variety of topics and generally interesting, eye-catching or mind-bloggling stuff we feel like sharing with you. 

Presentation for teachers, parents and other curious adults

Ellen Duthie

On Wednesday, January 28th, at 7:30 pm, at La Central de Callao bookshop, we invite you to find out more about our first title, Cruelty Bites, and our Visual Philosophy for Children project in general. (Please note that this event will be in Spanish). However, there will be a chance after the talk to speak personally to the editor and author, both of whom speak English. 

The presentation, by Wonder Ponder editor Raquel Martínez and the author of the concept and texts, Ellen Duthie, is aimed at adults:

uncles and aunts,
and other curious adults). 

Come and discover how the project came about, what it is based on and what inspired it, and what on earth we were thinking of when we decided to open the series with a children's book on cruelty. 

Ellen Duthie will talk about our Visual Philosophy for Children project as the author of Wonder Ponder, but also based on her experience as a facilitator of philosophy workshops with children at state schools and other public and private institutions.  

Ellen will also talk about: 

  • The use of dialogue in the classroom and in the home
  • Philosophy as a vehicle for addressing issues we might consider difficult or "hard"
  • The specific contributions of this material compared to other material used as stimulus for dialogue, such as children's literature.  
  • The links between fantasy and philosophy
  • Doubts and insecurities of adults when faced with books that do not give answers and require us to step down from the pedestal of authority. 

We'd love you to come and take part in what we hope is, besides the presentation of our book Cruelty Bites, above all, a chance to talk about the place of philosophy in the lives of children and adults and the role of adults and children in learning.  

What: Wonder Ponder presents Cruelty Bites, the first title in its Visual Philosophy for Children series.
When: January 28th, 7:30 pm. 
Where: La Central de Callao (Postigo de San Martín 8. 28013 Madrid. Metro: Callao). 

With the editor Raquel Martínez Uña and the author Ellen Duthie. 

Take part in the Facebook event here