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Wonder Ponder, Visual Philosophy for Children, is an imprint specialising in products for fun and engaging thinking. This website provides accompanying material to our Wonder Ponder boxes, including guides for children, parents and mediators, ideas for wonderpondering and fun games and activities. It is also a platform for sharing your very own Wonder Ponder content and ideas.

Wonder Ponder Blog

The Wonder Ponder blog includes posts on the creative processes behind our Visual Philosophy for Children material, as well as workshop experiences, guest posts on a variety of topics and generally interesting, eye-catching or mind-bloggling stuff we feel like sharing with you. 

Wonder Ponder launches 'I, Person', the second title in its Visual Philosophy for Children series

Ellen Duthie

It's here!
I, Person, the second title in Wonder Ponder's Visual Philosophy for Children series arrived from the printers just yesterday. After Cruelty Bites, the book-in-a-box that prompted readers to think about cruelty in a seriously fun way, comes I, Person
, the book-in-a-box that invites readers to think about who they are and what they are.  How do you know that you are not really a robot? Would you have been a different person if you had been born the opposite sex? Could a robot be a better footballer than a human? What would an alien have to have, or what would they have to be like, for us to consider them a person or at least deserving of the same rights as a person? What do you think? 


Text and concept: Ellen Duthie
Illustrations: Daniela Martagón

Who are you? and What are you? 

Are you absolutely certain you are a person?
How do you know you are not really a robot?
If you had more than one brain, would you be more than one person?

What do you think? 

The second title by the Cruelty Bites author and illustrator team. 

For ages 8+ to adults



I, PERSON is the second title in the Wonder Ponder Visual Philosophy for Children series.

It is a cross between a book and a game that comes in a box and invites readers to play and think about two Big Questions: Who am I? and What am I?

The questions prompted by the scenes in the box allow the reader/player to go building their own definition of ‘person’ and go establishing the implications of being a person in terms of rights and responsibilities, intelligence and emotions and knowledge and learning.

Like all titles in the Wonder Ponder Visual Philosophy Children series, I, Person is designed for children to look at, read and think about by themselves or with others, in company, in educational, play or family settings.  

Technical Details
17.5 cm x 17.5 cm, 40 pages, €17,95
I, Person

ISBN: 978-84-943167-3-9

THEMES: Robots, Identity, Artificial Intelligence, Personhood, Philosophy for Children, Imagined Worlds
GENRE: Non-fiction, Inquiry, Philosophy Fiction


  • 14 cards with scenes for wondering and pondering. 
  • More than 100 questions for curious minds. 
  • 3 blank cards for desgining your own scenes. 
  • A companion guide for children and adults. 
  • Ideas for wonderpondering. 
  • I, Person poster. 

Wonder Ponder introduces readers to philosophy's big questions in a way that is playful and appealing. Engaging scenes and intriguing questions prompt reflection and discussion, encouraging children to develop their own thoughts and arguments and to build a visual and conceptual map of the issue addressed in each box. 
Wonder Ponder boxes are designed for children to look at, read and think about by themselves and with others, in educational, play or family settings. 

Ellen Duthie is the author of the Wonder Ponder concept and texts. She is a writer, teacher, blogger and translator and is specialised in children's literature and philosophy for children. A British citizen born in Spain, she holds an MA (Hons) in Mental Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. She has recently published Cruelty Bites (Wonder Ponder, 2014) and the Spanish translation of Maurice Sendak's Outside Over There (Kalandraka, 2015). 

Daniela Martagón is the illustrator and co-author of the Wonder Ponder project. An artist and a toy inventor, Daniela was born in Mexico City. She graduated in Visual Arts from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and holds a degree in drawing, grapic design and website design. She has recently published La casa del ciempiés (Narval, 2013), with Ignacio Sanz, and Cruelty Bites (Wonder Ponder, 2014). 


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