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Wonder Ponder, Visual Philosophy for Children, is an imprint specialising in products for fun and engaging thinking. This website provides accompanying material to our Wonder Ponder boxes, including guides for children, parents and mediators, ideas for wonderpondering and fun games and activities. It is also a platform for sharing your very own Wonder Ponder content and ideas.

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The Wonder Ponder blog includes posts on the creative processes behind our Visual Philosophy for Children material, as well as workshop experiences, guest posts on a variety of topics and generally interesting, eye-catching or mind-bloggling stuff we feel like sharing with you. 

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Whatever You Want... Soon

Ellen Duthie

We have just this afternoon sent off to the printers our upcoming title, Whatever You Want, an invitation to wonder and ponder about freedom, to be published in the second half of May. 

We're finding it rather difficult to contain ourselves! What we'd really like to do right now is show you the cover and the entire contents to share our excitement and our work with you. But we've managed to stop ourselves and here goes the only bit we can show for now: the ideas for wonderpondering included in the Whatever You Want box. 

With this third title in the Wonder Ponder visual philosophy series, we've been rather excited to see how the project is shaping and growing in interesting ways, with each title feeding the previous titles in the series. One of our favourite ideas for wonderpondering included in Whatever You Want, Mix & Match, came about as a result of the realisation that one can play the Wonder Ponder game with each individual title, but also with the whole series at once. 'If you have more than Wonder Ponder box, try taking a scene out its box and putting it in another. Does it fit in? Is it interesting to look at from a different point of view? Mix, match, think and enjoy!'. 

At the office, all Wonder Ponder team members have had great fun taking out all the Cruelty Bites and I, Person scenes and seeing which ones could be included in Whatever You Want to wonder and ponder about freedom, seeing which scenes from I, Person and Whatever You Want could go in Cruelty Bites to think about cruelty and which scenes from Cruelty Bites and Whatever You Want could make sense in I, Person to think about identity. 

A highly entertaining exercise which has brought butterflies to our stomachs. 

It's so rewarding to do what we want exactly the way we want!

 Whatever You Want comes out in the second half of May.